Solar Products

Solar Tree & Solar Picnic Bench

Products like our Solar Tree and the Solar Picnic Bench provide the necessary power for wireless and USB charging hubs for all mobile devices as well as wireless hot spots, small scale lighting and more.

These prefabricated products can also be equipped with smart sensors for a variety of data collection purposes including people counting, weather and air quality.

Reliable, Clean, Green Power exactly where and when you need it!

Solar Car Parks

Offset power usage at shopping centres with abundant solar energy whilst providing much-needed shade for customers.

These Shade Structures can also provide power for other assets such as Lighting, First Aid and Emergency Stations, Car wash facilities, Touchscreen direction facilities and more.

Solar EV Charging

The Electric Vehicle market is growing exponentially worldwide and there is a need for charging infrastructure right around our massive country.

Our Solar powered EV structures provide charging solutions not just for battery powered Cars but also Bikes, Scooters and other battery driven vehicles.

Container Mounted Solar Systems

Using shipping containers and solar energy for Microgrid power. The solar array is mounted directly onto the container which provides safe, convenient battery bank housing with the shortest possible distance between solar array and battery bank.

Ideal for remote locations and anywhere where power is needed quickly and without disruption to mains power grids.

Parklets & Other Custom Solar Structures

We can assist with anything from pop up seating structures equipped with wireless and USB charging facilities for mobile applications to large scale projects such as floating solar systems.

We are always open to collaboration to incorporate other renewable energy sources including wind generators to provide the most effective solution for our customers.

Custom Solar Shelters and Canopies

Customised to suit specific requirements, our Solar Shelters and Canopy Structures can be grid-connected to offset power costs or as completely autonomous, off-grid systems when combined with suitable battery storage.

The Solar Array doubles as a roof system providing protection against weather as well as clean, green power right here you need it!

Patented Tall Extrusion Clamping System

This is the heart and soul of all Specialised Solar Solutions Products. This lightweight, extruded aluminum clamping system allows for rapid assembly and easy installation of mounting structures for Solar PV.

From Solar Car Parking and Container Mounted Systems for Micro-grids through to EV Charging facilities, our patented design is adaptable to projects of any size to provide reliable power wherever it is needed. All exposed fittings are Stainless Steel to ensure protection against corrosion ensuring eminent suitability for use in all climatic conditions. Proudly Designed, Developed and Manufactured right here in South Australia!


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